The Coalition Against Poverty in Suffolk (CAPS) is network of churches and organizations working together for poverty alleviation and community development. By sharing resources, information and support our efforts are synergized for the development of our city.

CAPS was established to be a collaborative effort to address poverty on two levels: level 1 - the crisis of an immediate need and level 2 - the underlying causes of these needs.   CAPS is a growing group of churches in Suffolk working together for poverty alleviation and community development.  By sharing resources, information and support our efforts are synergized for the development of our city.  CAPS was started in mid 2010 to create a collaborative and coordinated system to meet the financial, physical, mental and spiritual needs of members of our community.  We are now growing and expanding our efforts and improving our coordination

The CAPS model for addressing poverty is to create a central intake center for Suffolk at which a Services Coordinator handles requests for assistance that usually go to churches.  Rather than each church handling requests individually, churches direct requests for assistance to CAPS. Member churches jointly employ a Services Coordinator who assesses the needs of every individual, assists financially when appropriate (using funds provided by churches) and refers individuals to appropriate follow-up services which are often provided by churches. 

This coalition enables churches to successfully fulfill their call to love and serve our community.  CAPS is open to all churches in Suffolk.  We invite you to join us in this united effort!

Contact & Request Assistance

CAPS provides assistance for various needs on a case by case basis but does not assist with utilities.  For assistance with utilities, please contact the Salvation Army or Social Services.  All applicants must make an appointment  and provide valid documentation when requested.

Office location: Our office is located at Suffolk Christian Fellowship Ministry

201 East Washington St. Suffolk, VA 23434. 

Contact Lorna Slaughter at 757-935-5497 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1117 Suffolk, VA 23439

Special Thanks to:

The Obici Healthcare Foundation for granting the funding for this website and other start-up costs.

CAPS member churches for their funding, time and prayer.

Friends and family of Nick Leverone who have donated to CAPS Night Stay Program in his memory.

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